Join us for our Annual Faculty vs. Students Volleyball Game!


Wednesday, May 19 from 3:30 - 5:00 in the EHMIS gym.


The Student roster is comprised of 8th grade girls and boys volleyball players.

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The current Faculty roster includes the following players:

  • Zane "The Crusher" Grindle
  • Janet "The Giant" Gass
  • Ryan "The Hammer" Heist
  • Chris "The Con Man" Conover
  • Dan "The Man" Hartman
  • Melanie "The Mauler" Marchio
  • Brooke "Sweep the Floor" Hall
  • Kevin "The Boss Man" Duckworth
  • Cindy "The Bomber" Baral
  • Rich "The Superstar" Sgrignoli
  • "Jumping" Jana Zinn
  • Jeff "The Secret Weapon" Little
  • Jen "The Smasher" Sites


It is free to all.

Want to Win a Prize?

Students that demonstrate the best school spirit will be given the opportunity to win a variety of GREAT prizes. So come watch a great game, scream your loudest for your favorite team, dress in an outfit showing your school spirit (be CREATIVE), and your chances of being chosen will be much greater than those that just sit in the stands.

Get Involved!

Use the DISCUSSION tab at the top of this page to talk some trash to your favorite faculty members. Please be school appropriate with your trash talking. You will need to log in using your school username and password to post a message on this page. Thanks!